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24 January 2010 @ 08:04 pm
Welcome to the Panic! at the Disco Fanfic Search Community! Please read the rules before posting.

If you want to request a tag, leave a comment on the Tags Request Post.

Also, please use one of these following tags on your posts, otherwise you will get a warning/comment. This is to make things organized in this community.

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any issues, leave a comment here or contact me by pm. 
05 October 2019 @ 08:27 pm
I have a desperate craving to re-read Preordained by arctic-grey. I can’t find it anywhere, i guess it was deleted. Does anybody have the fic saved?
20 September 2019 @ 03:30 am
Im looking for a fic I read once that had Brendon living in a Better Living facility and the rest of Panic shows up and convinces him to leave the city with them. He could talk to machines I think?
01 September 2019 @ 12:07 pm
Does anyone have The Present and the Distance saved? Or any other stories from behindthec?
11 August 2019 @ 11:55 pm

A long time ago I remember reading a slash story about a slave undergoing an obedience test, and I have a feeling it could have been a bandom story, probably featuring PATD RPF. Or maybe not; I could be totally imagining the connection, yet I remember the story as having a sweetness which reminds me of the PATD stories I've read. Yet my memories of the story could be false and I can't remember any characters or pairings. I read the story a long time ago.

The story features a slave who needs to pass an obedience test, probably because he is on his last chance and will be put down or sent to hard labour if he doesn't conform. The story is slash, has a kind master with several slaves, somehow gets a new one who undergoes the exam, which is a regular exam for slaves every few years. The master reluctantly trains the slave and tries to gain his trust. The slave may have been violent but only from panicking. At the end the slave has to pick up and hold an item that hurts, but I think it does not damage him. 

This is the story I hope to find, if it exists, but I'm keen to read anything with slave obedience exams. And if this story is not PATD after all, it should have been!


17 June 2019 @ 07:36 pm

I am searching for a nice Bodyswap or Sex-/Genderswap story. The shipping and how(magic? Whatever?) it happens doesn't matter. I don't care about the shippings either.
If you have a nice one let me know! Please write Names/Author and if Wattpad/AO3/others...
Or if you can comment a link!

Thanks you so much in advance!

13 April 2019 @ 09:21 am

I know beggarsnotes have taken these fics down, but I was wondering if someone managed to save away both Spilled Ink and Color Outside the Lines? If so, could anyone give me a link or maybe email me a copy?

01 April 2019 @ 06:00 pm

Hi guys

Not sure how much activity there is here these days, but I had to ask about one of my favourite fics ever.  It's a Ryden AU where Ryan is Brendon's father and it's written in second person in the most beautiful prose I've ever read; this fic has stayed with me for years.

I do have the fic saved up to and including part 7, but I just wondered if anyone knew what had happened to the author/if the story was ever finished but f-locked or something.  I'm desperate to know how it ended.

If anyone can shine some light, I would really appreciate it (and I'm happy to share the fic if anyone has lost it).

Thank you!

28 March 2019 @ 08:41 am
hey!! so beggarsnotes/arctic_grey deleted their mpreg fics recently - specifically their vegan 'verse and tattoo 'verse - and i didn't get a chance to save them while they were still up D: if anyone has any copies they can send to me that would be great!! my email is aroceu@gmail.com :)

thanks in advance ♥
21 March 2019 @ 10:43 pm
Hi all, longtime lurker, first time poster.

I'm not sure who all is still around these days, but I've been going through a vintage!Bandom fic binge.

I'm looking for one particular fic that I'm starting to think I dreamed up!

In it, Brendon's moved away from home - not kicked out but aituation ain't great... and he was planning to go to college to do music but is currently working at Starbucks with Jon (who I think is with Cassie in this). One evening he runs into Ryan and Spencer who are homeless. I think it's set in San Francisco? He runs into them again and this time they've been mugged for all their stuff and both of them are hurt.

There's shenanigans with thrift stores and they stay with Brendon and Brendon gets Ryan a job at Starbucks as well. Not sure what the pairings are...

Any help would be amazing! 😄
30 January 2019 @ 01:59 am
Does know of any vampire Ryden fics or A Little Less Sixteen Candles fic featuring Ryden? If so, please comment the links.I would prefer fics where either Ryan turns Brendon into a vampire or Brendon turns Ryan into a vampire but I will be grateful for any fics at all.
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21 September 2018 @ 10:25 am
hi! peopleexisting deleted and purged their journal, and i was wondering if anyone happens to have any copies/any way to access any of their old fic. thanks!

(actually copies of literally any deleted fic would be great... such is the tragedy of reading ryden fic in 2018)

my email is aroceu@gmail.com!

eta: also any xihaveasecretx fic!
12 September 2018 @ 04:38 pm
Hi everybody, I just read this fic semi-recently so I remember a lot, but I cannot find it for the life of me!

In it, Brendon is in high school, already out of his parent's house, and living with Shane (who is his ex-boyfriend and current best friend). He plays a ton of instruments, makes money by giving music lessons, and has a recording studio in the basement of their house. He produced a demo for his neighbor (who I think ended up being Ian/The Cab?). (At one point someone asks if there's anything Brendon can't play, and Shane says he can't play the tuba, but Brendon says he's awesome at the tuba but Shane won't let him play it in the house).

He auditioned for Panic! (or whatever they were called in this fic) and didn't get in - Ryan turned him down because he was into some girl and wanted her to do it instead, I think. But Spencer ended up finding out about the instruments and producer stuff and said something to Brendon like "We thought you were just a kid like us." And then he went over to Brendon's place to jam and record some stuff. They hooked up, but Spencer was gone in the morning and never called Brendon.

Brendon later went to a party and Ryan and Spencer were there. Ryan had missed some details about what happened that night, so he accused Brendon of having stolen Spencer's beats for his own music, so Brendon punched him.

They ended up talking it out and Brendon and Spencer made up, but I don't think they started dating right away, and Brendon took Spencer's drumming out of his demo. They agreed to stay out of each other's music.

Spencer/Ryan's band ended up getting signed by Pete (with a demo that Brendon produced) and go to LA to record. They all felt uncomfortable with the fact that Brendon wasn't there with them. Pete finds out about Brendon and Spencer gives him his ipod that has Brendon's music on it - (Brendon doesn't want people hearing his music yet, so Spencer pretends to have "lost" his ipod and that Pete "found" it). Pete's like "hot damn!" and Brendon gets signed as a solo artist. Brendon and Spencer were dating by this point for sure.

I think there was another part to the fic where Brendon was on tour a few years later. His backup musicians were a band of their own called something funny - Taco Ninjas??? it was weird like that lol. I think by then, he and Spencer were broken up or on a break at least. Spencer's band breaks up and he felt super betrayed by Ryan (and Jon?) and goes to Brendon's tour and they get back together.
I’m new to LJ so idk if I’m doing this right but please comment if you have a link to the fic ty!

My email is @delilahfrances.com
10 February 2018 @ 11:42 pm

hi all,

the original link is deleted off of fanworks, but does anyone have a way to read/have a download of "to each his own?"

it was a fic based off of "girl, interrupted" and a mental institution au.


29 January 2018 @ 03:36 pm
Hii I'm looking for a pic that had Ryan/brendon as the main pairing and Ryan was really rich and had a famous dad but his dad was never really around. Ryan was really into drugs and started dating Brendon but I think the drugs drove him away. Ryan referred to himself as "the man on the moon" and it started out something like "picture the night sky like cocaine on a black suit. think to yourself, elegance is beauty if perfection. I'm anything but natural but by god do I glow." if you can find it thanks so much!!!
04 January 2018 @ 02:07 am
Can anyone help me find Never Been More Alone (than with you)? Thanks!
10 September 2017 @ 04:02 pm
Hi guys, I don't know how active this community is but I thought I'd take a chance.

I'm new to the fandom and I've heard people rave about a Ryden fic called Strictly Business by Zhar5 but it's been deleted, there was one person on tumblr who had a copy but they've lost it. I'd love to read it, if anyone can find or would be willing to share a copy I'd be really grateful.
31 May 2017 @ 07:59 pm
idk if i'm doing this right bc i haven't posted on here in so long so sorry in advanced

anyways i'm looking for a brencer that i can't find anywhere. brendon had to wear a helmet bc he had seizures i think and he met spencer at a therapy appointment or a doctors office. i remember that they complained about how mean the receptionist was or something. it was an au of sorts as in i don't think there was a band or anything like that
06 April 2017 @ 07:42 pm
There's a Ryden fanfiction I read a few months ago on archiveofourown.org that I can't find anymore.
The story has p!atd working at a renaissance faire as actors where Jon is a pirate, Spencer is a gypsy, Brendon was a noble, and I don't remember what Ryan was.
Ryan and Brendon had a relationship going on though it got put on hold when Brendon's parents visited and forbade him from going to the local college anymore. Brendon leaves but in the end he comes back after running away from home and they all work at the faire once again.
I hope that's enough information. Thank you for any help you give ^-^
21 February 2017 @ 09:04 pm
does anyone have any of panic_smile's fanfics? or does anyone on here know them? they had locked all of their stuff super randomly and i've missed their works so, so much. i've spent hours on end reading yet my favorite fanfic of all was by them :/ thanks tho
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07 February 2017 @ 11:27 pm
Hello! I'm looking for the fic Just a Little Hocus Pocus by truthismusic (I believe) on archiveofourown. The author seems to have deleted and I'm just wondering if anyone has a copy anywhere. The link I had bookmarked for forever no longer works on ao3. I would love to read the fic again, but if not, oh well. Thank you!
31 December 2016 @ 07:21 am
I am looking for a long fic. It was joe/ spencer called let's get these teen by imogenedisease.
19 November 2016 @ 11:47 pm
I don't know how alive this community either, but I'll try.

I am looking for Ryden fanfiction, which was written during last 5-6 years ;)

What I'd like to find is:
*Ryden pairing (Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross)! on the first place
*any rating, but not pure smut! The plot line would be nice ^_^
*positive and kind in general with more or less happy ending!
What would you recommend to
Read? :)

Yes, I've read The Heart Rate of a Mouse, and lots of fiction before THROAM-era. I have been out of Ryden stuff for some years, and decided to remember... Golden Days, so to say :D

I'll appreciate any recommendations. Thank you very much in advance!
24 October 2016 @ 11:56 pm
Hi guys! I don't know how much life is still in here, but. I desperately want to reread the whole Thornton Hill series - especially And Some You Do For - Ryden, written by softlyforgotten. However their AO3 version no longer has working images, and they were so essential! Does anybody have a PDF/file with the images still intact? I would be eternally grateful!