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Rehabilitation by sekkritbandlj

Title: Rehabilitation
Author: sekkritbandlj

It's a long shot, I know, but does anyone have access to Rehabilitation (Jon/Spencer, modern day slave!fic) by sekkritbandlj? The journal is now deleted and purged (sigh). The story was announced on anon-lovefest, a bandom anonymous porn meme, on 17 Jan 2010, but not posted there, dammit.

The prompt: Modern day slave!fic where bb!Spencer has spent most of his life either locked in a cage or in his owner's bed. When police raid his owner's house, the young intern Jon finds Spencer locked in his cage in a dark closet. Spencer is so frightened and confused that he's convinced it's all just a dream. Jon is afraid he'll never get Spencer to understand that he's free.

Response: Right so, this ended up being too long and I'm still working on it but here are the basics-

It might be the fic I've been looking for, but of course I don't really know. Any response welcome!

Preordained by arctic-grey

I have a desperate craving to re-read Preordained by arctic-grey. I can’t find it anywhere, i guess it was deleted. Does anybody have the fic saved?

Slave fic with an obedience test

A long time ago I remember reading a slash story about a slave undergoing an obedience test, and I have a feeling it could have been a bandom story, probably featuring PATD RPF. Or maybe not; I could be totally imagining the connection, yet I remember the story as having a sweetness which reminds me of the PATD stories I've read. Yet my memories of the story could be false and I can't remember any characters or pairings. I read the story a long time ago.

The story features a slave who needs to pass an obedience test, probably because he is on his last chance and will be put down or sent to hard labour if he doesn't conform. The story is slash, has a kind master with several slaves, somehow gets a new one who undergoes the exam, which is a regular exam for slaves every few years. The master reluctantly trains the slave and tries to gain his trust. The slave may have been violent but only from panicking. At the end the slave has to pick up and hold an item that hurts, but I think it does not damage him. 

This is the story I hope to find, if it exists, but I'm keen to read anything with slave obedience exams. And if this story is not PATD after all, it should have been!


Body Swap / Genderswap


I am searching for a nice Bodyswap or Sex-/Genderswap story. The shipping and how(magic? Whatever?) it happens doesn't matter. I don't care about the shippings either.
If you have a nice one let me know! Please write Names/Author and if Wattpad/AO3/others...
Or if you can comment a link!

Thanks you so much in advance!

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Infinite Horizons and Empty Hallways

Hi guys

Not sure how much activity there is here these days, but I had to ask about one of my favourite fics ever.  It's a Ryden AU where Ryan is Brendon's father and it's written in second person in the most beautiful prose I've ever read; this fic has stayed with me for years.

I do have the fic saved up to and including part 7, but I just wondered if anyone knew what had happened to the author/if the story was ever finished but f-locked or something.  I'm desperate to know how it ended.

If anyone can shine some light, I would really appreciate it (and I'm happy to share the fic if anyone has lost it).

Thank you!