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Fic search

Hi all, longtime lurker, first time poster.

I'm not sure who all is still around these days, but I've been going through a vintage!Bandom fic binge.

I'm looking for one particular fic that I'm starting to think I dreamed up!

In it, Brendon's moved away from home - not kicked out but aituation ain't great... and he was planning to go to college to do music but is currently working at Starbucks with Jon (who I think is with Cassie in this). One evening he runs into Ryan and Spencer who are homeless. I think it's set in San Francisco? He runs into them again and this time they've been mugged for all their stuff and both of them are hurt.

There's shenanigans with thrift stores and they stay with Brendon and Brendon gets Ryan a job at Starbucks as well. Not sure what the pairings are...

Any help would be amazing! 😄
Tags: au: roommates, character: brendon urie, character: jon walker, character: ryan ross, character: spencer smith, homeless, job: barista!fic, setting: coffee shop
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