Ryden! Anyone?)

I don't know how alive this community either, but I'll try.

I am looking for Ryden fanfiction, which was written during last 5-6 years ;)

What I'd like to find is:
*Ryden pairing (Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross)! on the first place
*any rating, but not pure smut! The plot line would be nice ^_^
*positive and kind in general with more or less happy ending!
What would you recommend to
Read? :)

Yes, I've read The Heart Rate of a Mouse, and lots of fiction before THROAM-era. I have been out of Ryden stuff for some years, and decided to remember... Golden Days, so to say :D

I'll appreciate any recommendations. Thank you very much in advance!

And Some You Do For/Thornton Hill

Hi guys! I don't know how much life is still in here, but. I desperately want to reread the whole Thornton Hill series - especially And Some You Do For - Ryden, written by softlyforgotten. However their AO3 version no longer has working images, and they were so essential! Does anybody have a PDF/file with the images still intact? I would be eternally grateful!

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Hey guys, i'm looking for a ryden specific fic where they're on tour i think, best friends, brendon's gay and starts to sleeping around because he "found himself" ryan gets jealous, they kiss, end up together. it's one shot. please help me
my b boy


hey!! i don't really read fanfics anymore, but this one has been driving me nuts since i lost the bookmarks for it.

it was an incomplete ryden fic, where ryan was extremely bullied/raped in school and brendon kinda got close to him. he had this neighbor who was obscure and would watch b from afar, and he gave him money (either in incriments or $200, i forgot) to make ryan fall in love with him then break his heart. in front of everyone. the neighbor had a whole bunch of ryan pictures and it was hella weird. the fic only got up to maybe 9 parts, it was on someone's lj too, i oddly remember that the person had a lot of black and red on their profile lol.

thank you in advance to anyone who may find it!!

Looking for a specific fic

Hi, I don't know how many people are still on here because there haven't been many posts, but I'm looking for a fic in which current day Ryan wakes up one day and is back in 2006, and it turns out he was hit with the bottle at reading not Brendon and I think he'd been unconscious for like a week?

I read the start of this fic a while ago and can't find it again, it was Ryden and Brendon end up kissing Ryan shortly after he wakes up but I'm not sure what happened after.

If anyone can find this fic or know were it is please link me it I've been looking for ages.
also this is my first time posting here or to lj in general so I'm sorry if I did anything wrong.

Thanks xx

Brendon/Spencer - Excessive Fluff


I was wondering if you lovely people could recommend me any Brendon/Spencer fics where they are excessively cute together, like hands in the back of the other's pockets, stary-eyed in love soulmates destined to be together forever kind of fluff. I want them to be that couple, you know the couple everybody hates, but also who everybody wants to be because they're just so perfect for each other. I will take any length from very short to novel long, as long as it's finished, no WIPs, and both outsider POVs or stories from Brendon or Spencer's POV, either first or third, are welcome. Other pairings in the story are okay, as long as Brendon and Spencer end up together in the end. I'll pretty much take anything.

I'm not sure how active this community anymore, but I figured it's worth a shot, right? Because I  will go down with the Brendon/Spencer ship.


help finding a fic

Hey so I was reading this fic the other day where Ryan made bad decisions on who he dated so Spencer took over and like made everyone Ryan had sex with go through like std screenings and Spencer got to pick who Ryan had sex with. He had sex with Pete, Gerard and Lynz, Brendon, Jon, Jon and Brendon at the same time, and others. I can't for the life of me find it or remember what it was called. Also Brendon and Jon end up together at the end. Ryan also would have a new code word every week and only people that had the code word could have sex with him.

Seriously if you know what fic I'm talking about I'll love you forever